Enlarge your business network by building trust

Does your business need a reliable platform to allow for increased trust and transparency? Consortia allows your business to share public and private data with your business network.

Consortia is a SaaS (Software as a Service) product for deploying and managing DLT business networks and applications based on the enterprise grade open source software technology Hyperledger Fabric.


  • Open DLT based business consortium registry. is open to integrate with any other provider.
  • Open and simple DLT business network governance. It is easy, simple and highly secure to manage the topology of a business network with your partners.
  • Self-managed business networks and applications.
  • Work with your business partners in a near real-time approach. Every transaction in the system is recorded based on your predefined rules.
  • Maintain a set of immutable transactions and history of all transactions.
  • Choose who to share it with and when.

Why Consortia?

  • Ease the adoption of high value DLT business networks and applications by providing a simple way to deploy and manage those networks and applications
  • Open registry of business consortiums for easy forming and joining business networks
  • Reduce the cost of implementing business applications and managing business networks
  • Automate and significantly reduce the DevOps cost
  • Simplify and abstract the technical complexity and hence allow businesses to benefit at low cost
  • Cross cloud deployments and scaling
  • Cloud agnostic with full control over business data without being locked into a single cloud provider
  • Keep your transactional data on your own infrastructure
  • Full control over your business network nodes and operations (with or without Consortia)

Who is Consortia for?

  • Businesses with a need of enterprise-grade application deployments across clouds with an out of the box business application deployments
  • Business application software vendors
  • Software service vendors
  • Business application developers